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6 Mar 2009

[Discography] LOVE DIVING

Love Diving is the band from the movie BEATROCK. SuG's vocalist, Takeru, plays a role in it too.

*thanks minori-a9*
01. Shout It Loud
02. 心のままに
03. fake realistic
04. truth
05. our days
06. Seaside Photo♯1
07. Seaside Photo♯2
08. Band Rehearsal
09. 心のままに‹piano inst.›
10. Solitude
11. Walking Around
12. LOVE DIVING Reunion
13. ShoutItLoud‹ballad inst.›
14.心のままに‹strings inst.›
15. Live House BGM
16. Shin Entrance
17. Shout It Loud‹live ver.›
18.心のままに‹live ver.›
19. Shout It Loud‹special ver.›

Shout It Loud
*thanks yami_akyouru*
01. Shout It Loud
02. Kokoro no mama ni
03. Shout It Loud (Instrumental)
04. Kokoro no mama ni (Instrumental)

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