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23 Nov 2009


TETRA-FANG is a Japanese pop-rock band considered a "limited rock unit" and was formed to perform songs on the soundtrack for the 2008 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Kiva.
(I think the Re-Union album doesn't make much sense for the ppl
who haven't watch Kamen Rider Kiva XD)
Roots of the King
01. Roots of the King
02. Individual-System Acoustic Fist
03. Roots of the King Instrumental
04. Individual-System Acoustic Fist Instrumental
01 Individual-System
02 Individual-System technical guitar fist
03 Individual-System instrumental
04 Individual-System NAGO advance fist
Destiny's Play
01.Destiny's Play
02.Destiny's Play - NEO Romanesque Guitar EDIT
03.Destiny's Play - Additional Kivat-bat the 3rd EDIT
04.Destiny's Play - Instrumental
01. Mind Garden
02. Destiny's Play
03. Roots of the King
04. Lightning to Heaven
05. Exterminate Time
06. Eternity Blood
07. Supernova [Tribute to Empire Form]
08. Individual System
09. Rainy Rose
10. Prayer~Message2
11. No matter who You are
01. Entrance Procession
02. Supernova [Tribute to Emperor form]
03. Shout in the Moonlight [Tribute to Garulu]
04. Innocent Trap [Tribute to Basshaa]
05. Silent Shout [Tribute to Dogga]
06. Message [Tribute to Father]
01. Destiny's Play Re-Union
02. Supernova Love Edit.
03. This love never ends Emperor Edit.
04. Roots of King Acoustic Edit.
05. IXA-cise Body rhythm Edit.
06. Rainy Rose Queen Edit.
07. キバって!デート
08. キバって!げつようび
09. Beginning~Message3

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Anonymous said...

TETRA-FANG on NIHON NO ONGAKU? wow, you guys really know how to cheer me up form a bad day! :)) I love them!! Even if they're not a "real" band, just a "limited rock unit". Thanks so much for sharing their stuff!

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