Are you happy Nihon No Ongaku is actually being edited again?

25 Dec 2009


Original Post:

It was a hard decision to make, but as things were getting hard to deal with I decided to remove the gadget, I'm really sorry.
For commenting you can either just leave a comment or send me a an e-mail to "" (though I don't see this 2nd option really useful).
As for requests, you can send me an e-mail as well to the address mentioned above, or try finding other staff members' e-mail (in the blogger profile for example) in case you are looking for non visual kei music.
I'll try to satisfy all the requests.

Anyway, if I get to see that the number of visits decreases I'll consider putting the chat-box back again.

Thanks for supporting us until now,
and please, keep on doing it!

Sorry again.
And thanks for reading.



Many people sent me e-mails saying that the measures I've taken regarding the chat-box are a pain in the ass; and i agree, I don't think that e-mailing me for requests is that "cool". Thus i decided to put it back.

This doen't mean that things will be as they used to be before.
From now on, the chat-box will be only for requests & reports of broken links, depending on how "off topic" the comment is it'll lead to imminent banning.
People who bash will be banned as soon as possible.

I thought i was not going to put the chat-box this soon, but I think it's kind of essential for the blog. I'm not doing this for the people I used to talk with on there, I'm doing it for the blog and the people who visit it.

To sum up, post on the chat-box without having in mind what its purposes are if you want to be banned.

Having said this, i'd like to add:
"Merry Christmas & happy New Year to all"


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YAMI-SAMA said...

well that's great for the people who use the chat box and u i hope u had a great Christmas and hope u have a great new year too

☆★GOD doesn't have a v.kei blogspot, i do...★☆