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8 Dec 2010

Hey! :D

Hey there. I'm not completely new, I been here for about 4 months now, but I never had an intro post.

So any way I am Toshi. My favorite band in the whole world is SKULL (yes I know their disbanding T^T). I also like the GazettE, Nightmare, NoGod, QUAFF, Alice Nine, D, Girugamesh, Versailles, ONE OK ROCK, and allot of others.

I do the blog's header banner now sense I joined (I made the Unsraw one and im making a new one soon). I also will find all the new releases I can, and post them up as soon as I can. Also if there is something not posted here already even if it's old I'll try to get it up in my spare time.

I also pay attention to the request so don't be shy I will see what I can do for you :)

And occasionally I'll post scans and lyrics too when I get the chance.

This is my number one idol and always will be:


Well that's enough about me already, nice too meet you all! Glad to be here!


☆★GOD doesn't have a v.kei blogspot, i do...★☆