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9 Oct 2008

vomit remants - Discografia parte 2

bueno aqui lo qe falta y es todo =_= (agradecimientos:

***Demos & Promos***
Catatonia (Suffocation Cover)
My Blessed Sickness (Demo)
Rotted Human Waste (Demo1)
Disfigured Anal Torture
Rotted Human Waste (Demo2)
Vomiting Hideous Cadaver
Prodigy Of Solitude (Live In Tokyo 04-04-2004)
Sacramental Extinction Of Global Civilization
Sacrilegious Bifurucation Of The Prophets
Despairing Atmosphere
Extinction Of Worthless Humanity
Vomit Hideous Cadaver '05

in the name of vomit (1997)

supreme enity (2001)

2004 - Get Drunk Or Die Trying - Premature Burial Tour Vol.1 [Split with Goratory & Wormed]

PROMO (2004)

2005 - 3 Way [Split with Godless Truth & Carnovorous]


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